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Garage Door Repair Reno Nevada 

Garage Door Repair Reno Nevada has 25 years of experience fixing and introducing garage accessories and doors for your convenience. Our insight into the items and how to look after, improve and introduce all makes of overhead vehicle and car entryways and doors alongside this well-disposed disposition, tender loving care, and legitimate evaluating is the thing that isolates us from the challenge. When we fix a garage door, it is done well on the first run-through!



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Many homeowners have problems with managing the temperatures inside their homes despite having gadgets and appliances that help regulate them. For this situation, having an insulated garage door is ideal to use especially for homes that are located in areas where the weather can be extreme.  With the help of Insulated Garage Doors NV, a garage door that is perfect for your garage will be installed at your home and it will be exactly what your home needs.

Installing an insulated garage door will help not only with regulating temperature but also with increasing energy efficiency and for having a more sturdy door to guard the biggest entrance in your home. The homeowner will immensely benefit from Garage Door Install Reno in a way that would make them comfortable and safe at the same time.

Insulated Garage Doors Reno NV

There are two kinds of insulated garage doors that you can choose to install at your garage: Polyurethane Garage Door Insulation and Polystyrene Garage Door Insulation .


Polyurethane is a polymer that is sprayed on the panels of the garage door to make a tight fit which makes the panels more rigid and sturdy. This material is not only used to insulate garage doors. It can also be found in furniture or car seats. When this material is sprayed on the panel, it expands and makes the rigidity of the panel better. A more rigid panel on the garage door makes it better when regulating temperature. Despite being the more expensive material for insulation than the others, polyurethane is still an ideal insulator because of its ability to fill in all the nooks and the smallest crevices of the door, guaranteed to cover the whole space making the door strong. It also makes for less possibilities of dents that could damage the function of the garage door.

Polyurethane can also isolate sounds so well. It is ideal for homes that are built in places with extremely cold or hot temperatures, especially when their garage door is used as the main entrance to the house.


Polystyrene is more commonly known as styrofoam. This is popularly used in homes nationwide and not only for doors. The garage door is made from panels of polystyrene that are either inserted between its steel layers or inside a single-layer door with a vinyl back. Because of the inserted polystyrene panels, the doors are much quieter when operating but it does not regulate the temperature as much as polyurethane-injected garage doors do. However, between the two materials, polystyrene is the cheaper choice. Our team will not only install the insulated door but will also make sure that you know how to utilize the door in a way that would benefit you a thousand times.


The importance of having your garage doors insulated is that you can benefit from the many advantages it brings. It does not only protect you from the weather but it also helps you live a more comfortable and convenient life. Whether you choose polystyrene or polyurethane, anything would be good as long as you get your garage doors insulated.

Our team would be more than happy to install these insulators for you. Insulated Garage Doors NV has many years of experience installing garage doors for many homes in Nevada. It would be a breeze to stop by your home and help you out with your insulated garage door!

Insulated Garage Doors Reno NV

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